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Nov. 3rd, 2007 @ 11:57 am New York, New York! What a helluva town!
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OK, Lazeema is Superwoman, ok? 'Cause I got home early morning 11/1 and have been so tired ever since I have done absolutely nothing except work or sleep. At the same time.

NYC was SOOOOO awesome. I've been totally missing it but didn't realize how much 'til I was back. The best thing was I felt like I'd just been there, like I still knew it really well (I moved 3 years ago!). Oh NYC, *hugs the city*

queen_haq, ok, I know I don't need to tell everyone how awesome she is. But she is so flipping incredible: drop-dead funny, gorgeous, a kick-ass vixen who gets approached by total strangers when she's just walking down the street. I thought she was going to kill me with her stilettos at times when we were racing all over the city but thankfully she did not ... (and she eventually switched to flats, heh). I'm SOOOO glad we talked about doing this and then did it! *hugs!*

Awesome: Blind Tiger Pub, Magnolia Bakery, sample sales, John's Pizza, my favorite bagels in the whole world at Tal's (H&H is not the best! Tal's!), Century 21 (ok, I thought I had a shopping problem but Lazeema's friend Tania was in here for 4.5 hours WITHOUT A BREAK), a yum Indian restaurant I'd never been to before (I always end up going to my same places so I was super happy L saw this place and suggested it), Lindt Chocolates, staying up for hours talking and dorking out about our obsessions while poor Tania was trying to sleep. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Not awesome: NO PICTURES! BOO! I can't believe we didn't get one pic. And the hotel we were in was definitely creepy. It really was too bad because it's in one of the safest and prettiest neighborhoods in the city, the Upper West Side, and it was a great pre-war building but it was just not maintained at all. Still ... I am glad we were there instead of out in Queens.

That did not satisfy my NYC fix. I am gonna need to go again and soon. Any takers???
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Sep. 17th, 2007 @ 08:08 am (no subject)
Current Music: Steel - Sam Baker
OMG, I feel like I've been gone FOREVER (2 weeks visiting Dubai, where for some damn reason I could not get on LiveJournal!) and I've been meaning to post since I've been back but I'm SO far behind with absolutely everything in my life I haven't had the chance. But I had to ask a question:

Was it just me but was that was the worst Emmy presentation ever? It seemed a total mess. I'm used to being unhappy with the winners but this had some I was pretty pleased with: 30 Rock, Ricky Gervais (though I would have really, really loved Stephen Merchant up there too!), James Spader, but the show itself, I thought, was a frigging disaster. But I'm not seeing that in the media so far. ??? It is just me? I'm reading praise for Ryan Seacrest, people! UGH.

And why the hell was KB sitting in the front row? Was she just there to bug the shit out of me? WTF? I've never been happier I don't watch Heroes.

Still plan to post a REAL post but just wanted to say what the fuck ... maybe I've just haven't watched it live in a long time and I'd forgotten how horrible it always is?
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Slightly drunk